Pinterest V. Reality: Oreo Cheesecake

I love to try new recipes, but then I get disappointed when my creation doesn’t turn out to look like the pictures. I am fully aware that I have no formal culinary training, yet I still expect to be able to create professional looking food. Why do I have such high expectations for myself?


All the beautiful glossy pictures of all the delicious desserts. And most of them made by ‘real’ people just like me… right?

WRONG! They’re all really good at this stuff!

So, for the rest of you who are just like me and have unrealistic expectatoins for your culinary skills here is how this Pinterest venture turned out in the real world.


This is the picture that got me going. An Oreo Cheesecake from Bites of Sweetness. Yummy! Right?
So the recipe was pretty standard, lots of cream cheese, lots of Oreos and some careful baking. I’d made cheesecakes before and they turned out pretty good. So, I was confident.  This is how mine turned out.
This is what she did, that I didn’t do.
  • She trimmed around the edge of the cake to expose the inside and give it a right angle. I didn’t, mainly because I didn’t see the point.
  • She sliced the top off to make it level, also. I didn’t because I don’t like to waste cake!
  • She crumbled the Oreos on top, I just sorta chopped them (I was anxious to eat it!).
  • The recipe for the Chocolate Glaze called for 125 g bittersweet chocolate. I only had about 100  g bittersweet chocolate. Which is why I think her glaze is so much darker than mine.

The recipe was really good, and the directions were quite thorough. The cake was perfectly dense and rich. I could have done without the chocolate glaze. It looks really pretty, but I thought it was kind of overkill. I should have crushed the cookies for the garnish. It’s more manageable to eat that way.


I forgot to mention that the blogger of Bites of Sweetness is a trained pastry chef. I am a trained bartender (not quite the same).
Overall, this was a really good recipe. And, I did my best to make it exactly to as the recipe called for. Check out the rest of the blog, Bites of Sweetness. It’s pretty awesome!
Check out the other yummy treats I’m pinning.
Happy Baking!

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