About the Belles

Blushing Belles is the collaboration of two best friends in Chicago. We met in our early 20s waitressing in a disgusting hole of  a pizza restaurant and have been inseparable since. It can be hard to make friends in a city where you don’t really know anyone and you’re broke, but we hit it off instantly.

I knew we’d be best friends when Ronnie (Veronica) came around the corner singing “MMMBOP”. Love at first sight.

Molly has been passionately obsessed with weddings most of her life, and can’t think of any better way to use her journalism degree and passion than to be a wedding blogger and potentially (hopefully) a wedding planner. During the day, and sometimes the nights too, Molly is a waitress (still). While not the most glamorous of day jobs, she has met more interesting people than she can imagine meeting in any other setting. Molly has her BA in Journalism from Columbia College of Chicago, and is originally from Jefferson City, Missouri. Molly is recently married to an exceptionally supportive man, and they live together in Lincoln Park with their Pit Mix Alli.

Veronica finds that weddings offer her the most natural inspiration for her photography. She has always found the most fulfilment when capturing a couple’s love. Veronica is a nanny by day which lends her plenty time to be creative. Veronica also loves to take pictures of families, children, pets and whatever else suits her at the moment. Veronica has her BFA in Photo Journalism from University of Missouri and an additional associates in Photography from Harrington College of Design. Veronica is originally from Fair Haven, Michigan.  She lives in the Lakeview neighborhood with her dog, Murphy.

This is Veronica Catching the Bouquet at Molly's Wedding. Perfection


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